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Specializing in detailing and full service washes

Interior Dusting  of Dash

Interior Dusting  of Dash

Hand Applied Tire Shine and Wheel Cleaning

Hand Applied Tire Shine and Wheel Cleaning

Autobath Carwash is your complete stop for all of your vehicle cleaning needs.

We specialize in full service car washes and interior and exterior detailing, but also have exterior only washes with free self vacuums available. 

Full Service car washes come with, interior vacuuming, exterior towel dry, door jambs wiped, window cleaning, and dust and wiping of dash, console and cup holders. Most full service carwashes take less than 30 minutes to finish from start to finish.

Autobath offers a wide range of interior and exterior detailing, from carpets and seats shampooing, leather seats cleaning and conditioning, interior supercleans, handwaxing and buffing to engine cleaning. All of our detailing services come with the premium full service wash ($26.00 value) and are discounted when multiple services are combined

Unlike other express tunnel washes most of our exterior washes come with towel drying and hand applied tireshine and wheel cleaning. Also available are window cleaner, compressed air and towels for our customers to use. We also use the best tunnel chemicals in the industry, ZEP Vehicle Care, to ensure you have the cleanest and brightest vehicle, with familiar brands such as Rain-X and Armoral Extreme Shine Wax.



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